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Agrochemicals /Industrial Chemicals

Toxicology (Six Pack Studies)

  • Acute Oral Toxicity Studies (rats /mice)
  • Acute Dermal Toxicity Studies (rats /rabbits)
  • Acute Dermal Irritation /Primary Skin Irritation Studies (rabbits)
  • Acute Eye /Mucous Membrane Irritation Studies (rabbits)
  • Guinea Pigs sensitization Studies (M&K and Buehler's Methods)
  • Acute Inhalation Toxicity Studies (rats)


  • Acute Oral Toxicity Studies in Birds (Chicken, Quails, Pigeons and Ducks)
  • Acute Toxicity Studies in Fish (Common Carp and Trout)
  • Acute Toxicity Studies in Honey Bees (Oral and Contact)
  • Algal Growth Inhibition Test
  • Daphnia Acute Immobilization Test
  • Acute Earthworm Toxicity Test

Genetic Toxicology

  • Bacterial Reverse Mutation Assay (AMES Test)
  • Mammalian Erythrocyte (Bone Marrow) Micronucleus Test (In-vivo)
  • In-vitro Mammalian Cell Micronucleus Test
  • Mammalian Bone Marrow Chromosome Aberration Test (In-vivo)
  • In-vitroMammalian Cell Chromosome Aberration Test
  • In-vitro Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation Assay (Mouse Lymphoma Assay)

Repeat Dose Toxicity Studies

  • Repeat Dose Toxicity Studies up to 90-Days duration by different routes (Oral rats, mice and rabbits, Dermal rats and rabbits, Inhalation rats).

Reproduction and Developmental Toxicity Studies

  • Reproduction Toxicity Studies (Male fertility and Female Seg. I Studies) in rats
  • Teratology Studies (Seg. II Embryo-foetal development) in rats and rabbits
  • Peri- and post-Natal developmental Studies (Seg. III) in rats
  • Multi-generation (two and three generations) studies in rats

REACH Services

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